An Unexpected Expansion

Sales and marketing departments are responsible for finding customers to purchase the products a company makes. Their job ties in nicely with production most of the time. They know what they have available for sale, and they find the people who need what they have on hand. There are times when an unexpected expansion can occur because a customer contacts them looking for their product. It can cause the company to fall into chaos as they try to rapidly expand, but there are ways to mitigate the process.

A rapid expansion that is not expected is a scenario that can be a nightmare for any company, and smaller ones may have the most difficulty with it. A client suddenly calling out of the blue for products that need to be manufactured in a short time means the company will have to come up with an immediate plan. Not all the issues may be worked out as they do their best to provide what the new customer needs, so looking at many ways to accomplish their expansion goal helps.

Most manufactured products require machinery and operators, but not all of them. Some items are made by hand, or they can be assembled with parts made by other companies. Sudden expansion may mean additional storage space for the parts, but it could also mean adding jobs. For companies without the option of additional space, adding an evening shift could double their capacity. They may also need to consider an overnight shift if they want to continue to supply a new customer.

The value in adding work shifts instead of space could be realized if the new client only needs a limited amount of items in a short period of time. The company may have no other additional needs in the immediate future, so hiring and training new workers for temporary jobs could be their best option instead of finding a larger facility.